Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Market Bella Rossa

Since I just did a non-foodie review, I suppose I can do a foodie post again.  Besides it was a great excuse to go downtown and have a nice lunch.  What can I usefully say about Market Bella Rossa?  If you haven't been there go give it a try.  If you have, you know how good it is. 

Market Bella Rossa sells upscale lunches, mostly sandwiches and salads, made on the premise, downtown.

The bread is great, the fixin's are popping, the meats and cheeses very high quality, mostly with an Italian feel.  Today I had a half a Genoa salami sandwich, with Betty's potato salad.  Both yummy.  The Genoa salami was not as spicy as the Capicola I often get, but still flavorful, and I'm just a sucker for a decent potato salad, especially if it doesn't focus on over-sweetened mayo.  Bella Rossa always has specials and certainly experiments and rotates a bit, even if some of their sandwiches are always on the menu.  Market Bella Rosa is a little more than I usually want to pay for lunch, but I'm poor, and I'm always very happy with what I do get.  I noticed today also just how comfortable the ambiance is.  It was a great place just to sit and chat with friends, lingering the lunch out longer than is strictly necessary.  I overheard conversations in 3 languages while I was there this afternoon.  I sat and read for a while, and the place had plenty of business but also plenty of space, and I wasn't hassled into leaving.  The place has a long tradition of having a great message board advertising many foodie and art activities in the area, and advertising various foodie places in Indy, Chicago and beyond.  I saw posters for several art exhibits, and of course there is a fair bit of art up in Bella Rosa itself.  They are only open for dinner occasionally, but are a great deal when they do, and are often nearly full up.  Bella Rosa recently celebrated their 14th year, and hasn't particularly re-invented itself in the 5 years I've been here.  But they are serious about serving high quality food, consistently, and keeping it in the price range of regular folk.  I suppose they can claim to be a Wabash Valley tradition at this point, and they certainly feature prominently in the fond reminiscences of several people I know that have move away from Terre Haute.  Market Bella Rossa is certainly

Just one more reason I'm proud of Terre Haute 


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